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Navicat™ Version 11 is released

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  • Navicat™ Version 11 is released

    PremiumSoft pleased to announce the release of Navicat version 11 in a brand new interface for the whole Navicat™ family, including:

    - Navicat™ Premium
    - Navicat™ for MySQL
    - Navicat™ for SQL Server
    - Navicat™ for PostgreSQL
    - Navicat™ for Oracle
    - Navicat™ for SQLite
    - Navicat™ Essentials

    To meet the wishes of Navicat customers, PremiumSoft has released version 11 of Navicat which supports 64-bit versions. Users with 64-bit computer can take advantage of 64-bit memory management and fully utilizes all the resources of your computer.

    In addition to release native 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac OS X., another significant feature improvement to version 11 is the introduction of the Find and Replace feature. This new feature allows user to maintain and transform the contents of the database easily. The Replace All function let user replace all matches in one go, saving time and improving the overall quality of applications.

    New key features in Navicat Version 11 are:

    - Native 64-bit version
    - Brand new UI design
    - Multi-cell Edit and Box Selection
    - Smart Find and Replace
    - Enhanced SSH Manager
    - Docking system, support Aero Snap
    - Enhanced Connection Tree with filter
    - Over 100 new features and improvements

    Navicat Premium which supports multiple database server type connection is now priced at US$599 for windows, US$499 for Macintosh and Linux. It’s also available as non-commercial licenses at US$249. Navicat is also available for any one particular database server type with prices starting from US$79.

    For detailed pricing on Navicat, please visit our Online Store.
    For more details, please see what’s new at
    Or, download the 30-day fully functional free trial at: