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  • tips in query screen

    Hello everybody, it will be really cool, if your tech team will improve hints menu in query screen.
    For an example, I have tables:
    customer_order with columns: id, customer_id, ordering_time
    config with columns: id, config_key, conig_value

    If I will write query
    select id, customer_id from customer_order
    then set caret between `id` and `customer_id`, type `c` and type `ctrl+space`, there will appear dropdown with `config` table.
    I absolutely need no this table inside of my query (I already write tables before), and at this table should be in the bottom of the list or be excluded.

    Also, it will be realy comfortable, if I will write

    select * from CO`ctrl+space`

    and `CO` will be interpreted as Customer_Orders. I expect same behavior in this query:

    select CI`ctrl+space` from customer_orders
    where `CI` will be interpreted as customer_id field.

    Best regards.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I have forwarded them to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.


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      I think we will be better of with some proper intellisense