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How to copy data from/to Excel

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  • How to copy data from/to Excel

    Some of my colleagues (that are new to Navicat) had difficulties with the
    copy-paste workflow for Excel and Navicat. The following explanations
    might be helpful if you are in a similar situation:

    I. Copy from Navicat to Excel

    A. Copy to existing file

    1. Only data, without headers

    Select rows to copy, press Ctrl+C, go to Excel and click on a sheet, press Ctrl+V

    2. Copy data with headers

    Select rows to copy, right click and select from the context menu:
    Copy As => Tab Separated Values (Field Name and Data)
    Go to Excel and click on sheet, press Ctrl+V

    3. Some notes on selecting entries in large tables:

    On the lower right corner in Navicat there are settings for limiting the number of rows.
    If the limit is active (default of 1000 rows) and you press Ctrl+A,
    only the rows of the current page will be selected.

    In order to deactivate the limit click the Settings Icon and then deactivate the
    check box "Limit Records". If you then press Ctrl+A all rows of the table will
    be selected.

    If the table is really large, you should use the Export-Wizard instead of copy-paste:

    B. Copy to new Excel file (also for very large tables)

    Navicat provides the Export Wizard for doing so. It will guide you step by step.
    If you have issues with it, feel free to ask back.

    II. Copy from Excel to Navicat

    A. Add new rows

    * Select the rows in Excel.
    * Add a new empty row in Navicat by clicking the "+" button (on the bottom)
    * Press Ctrl+V

    B. Replace existing rows
    * Select the rows in Excel
    * Select the rows in Navicat you want to replace
    * Press Ctrl+V
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