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Saving Queries - Error Creating Directory.

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  • Saving Queries - Error Creating Directory.

    I am a current (registered) user of Navicat on Windows 10. I have a question about the save option which can be used from the query tab in navicat.

    If I click on the "Save" button a Query Name dialogue box is displayed.

    But when I enter a name and hit OK I get the following message...

    "Error Creating Directory"

    Any idea why this happens ?

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    Hi cbucket,

    Would you please check whether the Settings Location path exists and has enough permissions? In the main window, right-click your connection and choose Edit Connection > Advanced tab.


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      Thanks for responding and the great advice.

      I checked the folder and it was set to the wrong username. I changed the username to the correct one (where the Navicat location path actually exists and the problem has resolved).

      Thanks again.

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        (from email)


        I think you have solved the code-completion problem (which I sent via email).

        The problem was related to me not being able to save queries but I think it has also resolved the 'code completion' problem. I am guessing that the code completion uses the same folder hierarchy.

        The following may be useful advice for you also.

        Many of the people who use Navicat in my office typically export and import connections from one to another. This seems to result in this folder hierarchy (e.g. C:\Users\Ben\Documents\Navicat\PostgreSQL\Servers\ customer_prod)

        being stored with the wrong name (i.e. donor name NOT recipient name).

        say for example that the recipient PC had the username 'Greg' then the folder needs to be changed to:

        C:\Users\Greg\Documents\Navicat\PostgreSQL\Servers \ customer_prod

        If it is not changed it will lead to:

        (a) the code completion error and
        (b) the inability to save queries.

        Perhaps this information will help you when dealing with other Navicat customers.

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