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Sql Server Column order rearranged on Deployment DDL

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  • Sql Server Column order rearranged on Deployment DDL

    Navicat Premium R12.0.22
    The order of the columns in my SQL Server tables is being rearranged when the table DDL is generated for deployment.
    What I see in my design diagram is not what I get when I build the table for SQL Server.

    Is there a setting to stop this happening?
    I want my audit columns to be at the end of the row ( on initial table creation at least.)

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    Hi Allan,

    We would like your assistance to identify the problem. Please provide us the following information for investigation. You can send the information to our support center at -

    1. Your OS version. (i.e. Windows / macOS / Linux)
    2. Which feature did you use? e.g. Model and Synchronize to Database features
    3. The DDL of the table. (In main window, select your table in the Objects tab and click the DDL icon on the right pane)
    4. Screenshots showing the detailed steps to reproduce the problem.