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How to specifiy decimal separator in Navicat 12?

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  • How to specifiy decimal separator in Navicat 12?

    In the online documentation for Navicat 11 it is stated that the decimal separator is taken from the system environment settings, if I understand it correctly:

    The actual character used as a the decimal separator in the output string is determined by the DecimalSeparator global variable. The default value of DecimalSeparator is specified in the Number Format of the Region and Language Options section in the Windows Control Panel.

    In Navicat For SqLite 12.1.6 this does not work and the pdf Manual that can be opened from within Navicat
    Help menu does not contain information about the decimal separator.

    =>Is it only supported by Navicat Premium?
    =>Has this feature been removed for Navicat 12?

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    Please note that Navicat used the decimal separator that is specified in Control Panel. There is no way to change it in Navicat.


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      Used or uses? It currently does not use the separator that is specified in the control panel. Might be a bug. (Does it depend on the language that is chosen for the installation?)


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        Hi eis,

        We are able to identify the problem and our development team is trying to fix it. We will contact you after the bug is fixed.


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          Hi eis,

          We are glad to tell you that Navicat for SQLite (Windows) version 12.1.8 has been released and fixed your reported problem. Please upgrade to this latest version. You can simply choose Help -> Check for Updates from the menu bar.