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Auto Complete in Navicat 12

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  • Auto Complete in Navicat 12

    Can anyone help me to understand why auto complete function of 12 is way worse than 11? it never brings up the field names correctly. In the examples I attached, same script is written, Navicat 11 finds the field Keycode, while 12 still pushes for "KEY_BLOCK_SIZE".

    I can share more examples since 12 doesn't find any fields at all...


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    Please try the following steps to see if it can solve the reported problem:

    1. Go to C:\Users\your_username\Documents\Navicat\MySQL\ser vers\your_connection_name
    2. Delete the id_cache.db, id_cache.db-shm and id_cache.db-wal files.
    3. Then, open Navicat and try again.


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      There are two connections(let's call them connection A and B) in that server and only one of them(A) has those two files in it. Connection(A) with the files already auto completes the script correctly. I'm having trouble with the connection(B) that doesn't have any "id_cache..." files. I still deleted the files from connection(A) as you suggested and it didn't help.


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        Please open a query in connection B and choose menu "Edit" -> "Code Completion" -> "Update Code Completion Info" to see of it can solve the problem.

        If you still encounter the same problem, please provide the whole sql you inputted.


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          That didn't help either. I posted two more photos. One of the photos is from Navicat 11, and it shows field names correctly. I'm copying the same query to Navicat 12(in other photo) and it is not showing any field names in auto complete box.

          And, this is not only happening in join script. It can't find the field names in SELECT statement either.


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            Hi yagizerisek,

            Thank you for providing the information. We are able to identify the problem and our development team is trying to fix it. We will contact you after the bug is fixed.


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              Hi! Any updates on this?


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                Hi yagizerisek,

                We are glad to tell you that Navicat (Windows) version 12.1.22 has been released and fixed your reported problem. Please upgrade to this latest version. You can simply choose Help -> Check for Updates from the menu bar.