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organizing and viewing tables effectively

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  • organizing and viewing tables effectively

    There's little documentation on what a 'diagram' really is and how to best use it, as well as how to organize tables in them and layers, so I have some questions:

    1. Within a single model, I need to organize my tables into facts, dimensions, etc, so thought I would have the following:
    a. Main diagram with all tables
    b. One fact diagram for each fact table (not including aggregates) and it's conformed dimensions. How do I share a table between diagrams? For example I have dim_date as a dim table that will be in many fact diagrams, and I want to just manage the table layout / definition in the main diagram centrally. I see options to copy and paste, but I don't want to create separate copies of the tables. I just want the same table in multiple diagrams. Each of these diagrams would be a logical 'star' in DW terminology.
    c. Within a diagram I may have layers to manage complexity / snowflakes. How do you ensure tables stay within a layer? Is it just a matter of putting it completely inside a layer?

    2. Sometimes I want to see the full table structure with all columns in my diagram and all the associated joins to other tables. Sometimes I want to just see the table name, PK, and joining columns to other tables. Sometimes I just want to see the table name and PK columns, and lastly sometimes I just want to see the table names. Is there a way to toggle the diagram and all tables in it between these 4 views? I don't see a way to do this.


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    1b. To add a table to different diagrams in a model file, please drag the table from the left Model tree to each diagram.

    Click image for larger version

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    1c. Yes, please make sure the table is put inside the layer completely.

    2. I am sorry that Navicat Data Modeler does not support this feature. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. Thanks for your suggestion.
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