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Why Navicat for Mysql AND Navicat for MariaDB? And why no upgrade path to Premium?

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  • Why Navicat for Mysql AND Navicat for MariaDB? And why no upgrade path to Premium?

    Ok, there is a new version....

    Why would I want both versions? Why weren't they just merged?

    FYI, I purchased Navicat for Postgres and for Mysql before there was a Premium version.

    I've been upgrading because there has never been a reasonable cost to upgrade to Premium.

    So.. justify to me why I should throw away 4 years of paid support for my existing versions to purchase Premium for full price.

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    Navicat for MariaDB is designed for MariaDB developers and administrators. If you would need to connect both MariaDB and MySQL, you should choose Navicat for MySQL which allow you to connect these databases.

    Navicat Premium is a multi-connections database administration tool allowing you to connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases simultaneously within a single application. If you would need to only to connect with PostgreSQL and MySQL, you could purchase two licenses separately. However, Navicat would be the best choice for multi-connections database tool.

    You could upgrade to Navicat Premium in our Customer Center once needed.


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      You didn't really answer his question. What happens to 4 years of paid support when you upgrade to Premium?



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        Anyone home?


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          @idbill: you do not need to purchase both products. If you only need to manage MariaDB, you just purchase Navicat for MariaDB. If you need to manager both MySQL and MariaDB, you can purchase Navicat for MySQL as it support MariaDB too.

          @mikeschinkel: If customer own valid software maintenance and would like to crossgrade their license to Navicat Premium, please submit a ticket to us at