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Importing CSV truncated field names...

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  • Importing CSV truncated field names...

    Apologies if this is a known problem, only just joined this forum.

    For years I have been using Navicat to import CSV files and the latest two versions (currently I have 11.2.11 64bit) seem to be causing me problems on import.

    I am importing a CSV file using comma delimited / Double quotes. When I import using the same options i have successfully used previously, I either get no matching fields in the table I am importing into or just the first letter. I may be doing something stupid or overlooking a new option, but I have tried this four or five times now with the same problem.

    Anybody have any ideas if I am doing something wrong, or is this a known bug? I am using yyyy-mm-dd date formats and selecting them as YMD and - accordingly but cannot work out why the field names in the data dont match up with those in the table as they are identical...

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    Hi AndyH,

    Could you please provide us the following information for investigation? You can send the information to our support center -

    1. Screenshots showing the problem and steps to reproduce it.
    2. The import profile.
    3. The import source file with sample data.
    4. The structure of the table. In Navicat, right-click your table and choose Dump SQL File > Structure Only.


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      1) Right Click table select Import
      2) select CSV (*.csv)
      3) select the file
      4) Leave the next screen as delimited and click next
      5) Change date order to YMD
      Date Delimited to - (hyphen) click next
      6) Click next (target table is CRM2008)
      7) Field Mappings are not shown even thought the column headers in the CSV are all identical
      8) Click on the drop down the only field name is "F"
      Tried to upload attachments here says Invalid file so tried to upload from URL says same going to upload this and try logging off and on...


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        Hi AndyH,

        I am sorry that we are unable to receive your files. Could you please send them again to our support center? Please provide us the ticket id after you submit the ticket.