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Unable to display either date parameter or MIN / MAX dates for a report

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  • Unable to display either date parameter or MIN / MAX dates for a report

    Perplexed by this one so hope someone can assist.

    I'm creating a report - sales by manufacturer. I've successfully managed to create a list of manufacturers as a dropdown selection for the user as an "auto search" and the user can also specify a date - either a single date by entering "01/08/2016" for example or a month "%/08/2016%" because the search criteria just uses a LIKE to find records in that date range.

    I'd like to be able to show the date range that the user has selected at the top of the report. I can not find a way of displaying the value of a parameter in the "Design" tab - so first question; can you actually do that?

    Secondly, to tackle it a different way, I did a calculation to find the MIN date from the results returned and if this worked I'd then do the same for the MAX date to get a range and that should then achieve the required result... but the output from the MIN calculation is just showing whatever the date value of the first record on that page is. It does this for each page and and thus it varies and is not actually the minimum date value (and thus the start of the date range).

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi PSandford,

    I am sorry that Navicat does not support your mentioned feature. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. Thanks for your advice.