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Having issues connecting PHP file to Navicat

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  • Having issues connecting PHP file to Navicat

    I am using below code but no luck in connecting. With the same file i am able to connect to local host but not with this one. Please help me, i am not sure if i am missing anything?

    //connect to mysql db
    $con = mysqli_connect("","root","password","r os");
    //connect to the service orders database
    mysqli_select_db($con, "ros") or die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
    connection info

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    Could you please provide us the following information? You can send them to our support center - , we will get back to you by email.

    1. Screenshots showing the connection setting (General, Advanced, SSH, HTTP, and SSL tabs) in Navicat. Right-click your connection and choose Edit Connection.
    2. All error messages you have received.