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Import Data from Oracle via ODBC

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  • Import Data from Oracle via ODBC

    I am trying to import data using Navicat Mysql. My source is a remote oracle server. The remote oracle table has a "DATE" field. When I import this in a new table created by Navicat I get a rash of OLE errors and not all of the data imports.

    I have narrowed it down to be an issue of a null in the source date field, the row fails. I have tried many different types of destination mysql column data types with no luck.

    One thing I have got to work is use Excel, link a sheet to the remote oracle table via odbc, then use Navicat to import from Excel, it works good.

    I am wondering if I had Navicat Oracle and Navicat MySql on same copy of Navicat would I see this issue?

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    Hi Travis Jenkins,

    I have replied your ticket by email. Please check your Inbox. Thanks.