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Navicat 12 Crtl-N not working in query window

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  • Navicat 12 Crtl-N not working in query window

    Just upgraded from Navicat 11 to 12 hoping that several bugs that were plaguing my team would be fixed, and the great news is that they were! I haven't had any technical issues with Navicat over the past few days, which is a huge surprise.

    However, one feature that my team uses on a regular basis is simply hitting "ctrl-N" while in a query window to open up a new query window in the same server/database as the prior one. This key combo no longer does this, and while it may seem small, this is a pretty big issue that will prevent the rest of my team (10+ users) from upgrading to 12.

    Is there a way to re-enable this on our end, or can this get added back in a future patch? What was the reasoning behind removing this shortcut combo?


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    Hi JBubba

    Are you using Window version? If yes, please use CTRL+Q to open new query window.


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      Yes, I am using the Windows version. While this opens up a new query, it still isn't very intuitive like it was in V11. When you hit "ctrl-Q", it opens a new query defaulted to the server & database that you have focus on in the Navicat explorer window, rather then defaulting to the server and database that the query window that had focus when "ctrl-Q" was hit had.

      For example:

      If my Navicat server explorer is focused on the server "localhost" and database "test"
      but my active query window (which has the focus of windows) is on the server "staging" and database "stage"
      When I hit ctrl-Q, I expect it to open a new query defaulted to "staging" server and DB "stage", but it defaults to "localhost" and DB "test".

      The behavior I am expecting is what was default in Navicat 11.