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  • MySQL version 12 MacOS Sierra

    Having upgraded to 12 from 11 a few days ago I've decided to revert back to 11, the problems with 12 include:

    it is very, very slow which I find odd as one of the new "features" was a faster engine?

    editing any record on a remote DB in 11 was immediate on 12 it take minutes as the cursor whirls away

    secluding plain just doesn't work

    it crashes for no repeatable reason

    keyboard commands such as cmd. (and many others) which used to disconnect no longer function

    pervious working SSH connections fail

    and quite a bit more, it's very disappointing and I'll think I'l wait for the bugs to be ironed-out as it's frankly unusable...


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    I installed version 12 one day before going on holiday for two weeks, came back to find out the automated backups all crashed during my vacation, a lot of http tunneling connections don't work anymore. The Export Tunnel Script doesn't work etc etc. This is a disappointing piece of (untested) garbage, I haven't seen a version that's been so bad during 10 years of Navicat use. And what frightens me most is that this version is already at 12.0.7. What did you do Peter? I want to revert to version 11, did you do that too and did you have any issues reverting? Did you open a support ticket like I did? It is important to let Navicat now they are on the wrong track here. I use a lot of software to do my work but I have seldom seen so many bugs in a new version of a good working version. And yes I understand that a new version always introduces some (minor) bugs. But now complete parts of the functions don't work anymore.

    Backing up databases crashes Navicat repeatedly ...
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      in addition:

      1) export import of connections - not save groups ... ok, but it not easy to sort 130 connections again
      2) ok, 130 connections - it is historic for couple of years, so ok - it good time for delete something (but still - 62 active) - but navicat never allow select few connections and move/delete them - again pain
      3) but it not all - after restart it lost half of groups ... :-)
      4) code completion - not work. tables names not showing, columns not showing
      5) queries - not save (it ask, but nothing saved after)
      6) external editor do not start

      I of course not delete 11, so it look like early alfa preview but not final product. Fresh looks, many interesting new features ... but most of them - not work now
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        Hi peterl38, detlevski anda_vlad ,

        Please upgrade to the latest version 12.0.9 to see if it can solve the reported problem.

        If you want to report bugs or issues when using Navicat, the best way is sending tickets to our support center - . And, we will get back to you by email.