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Navicat please pull version 12

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  • Navicat please pull version 12

    Navicat please pull version 12 because it is beta quality and not ready as a stable release:

    Have been using the new version 12 for 1 weeks now.

    1. Backups crash
    2. Automated backups crash
    3. Working SSH and/or http tunneling connections don't work anymore.
    4. Export Http Tunnel Script doesn't work at all

    I am quite sure the list is even longer, but this is what I have found using version 12 for 1 hour.
    How is it possible version 12 is released in this state? It is obvious that is not ready for production use with it's major functions not working or crashing.

    I urge everyone to open a ticket and supply Navicat with the bugs and crash reports so that we can have a working new version very soon.
    In the meantime I am waiting for an answer form Navicat if is safe to revert to version 11, the version that was working fine for me.

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    Hi detlevski,

    I am sorry for your bad experience. We would like your assistance to identify the problem. Would you please send the following information to our support center - ?

    1. Detail steps to reproduce the problems.
    2. Screenshots showing all error messages you received.
    3. All crash reports.