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Moving old navicat files to new

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  • Moving old navicat files to new

    I upgraded to a new laptop and want to move the hundreds of queries to the new machine. I copied the server folder to the new site, but navicat 11 doesn't recognize anything. Is there another setting or switch I have to flip?

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    When a new connection being established, Navicat will create subfolders (with name in line with respective database / schema) under the Settings Location. All queries (.sql), import/export profiles (.npi, .npe) etc are stored within this subfolder. To look for the path, right-click the connection and choose Edit Connection > Advanced tab > Settings Location. Also, all your saved profiles (e.g data transfer, data synchronization, batch job profiles) and models are stored under "profiles" folder. (To look for the path, select Tools > Options, under Miscellaneous > Profiles Location.) Please copy the files in your old computer and paste to the Settings Location and Profiles Location in your new computer.