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Increase size of textarea boxes in grid view!!!

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  • Increase size of textarea boxes in grid view!!!

    It'd be great if textarea boxes could be at least 4x as large as they are now. I use NaviCat MySQL to browse large databases in HL7 format. In particular, one field created by the schema engine is the HL7Message which diplays in a textarea box and can be quite long. I need to view all the contents of the message at one time. Currently, i have to pause on each message and manually scroll to see the whole thing just to make sure all the data from my HL7 device is importing properly. Quite a drag (literally) when I have hundreds of messages to view in succession to make sure my HL7 device is working properly.
    Textarea boxes are really small in grid view
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    Hi wjstarck,

    To view long data, you can use the memo editor, please click the Memo button to open the editor at the bottom.