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  • cannot import XLSX

    I have Navicat 11.2 64-bit enterprise on a 64-bit windows 10 machine. whenever I try to import an XLSX file, it says "file not found." It's not a corrupted filed because I exported data from navicat to XLSX fine, but it won't reimport the same file. Is there a setting or fix for this?

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    Hi pauld221,

    Since Navicat relies on the official Microsoft Office Engine, could you please check your Navicat and MS Office bit versions?

    - If your Office is 32-bit, please install and use 32-bit Navicat.
    - If your Office is 64-bit, please install and use 64-bit Navicat.

    If you are using the correct bit version of Navicat and still encounter the same problem, please download and install the access database engine 2016 to see if it can solve the problem -

    - Download AccessDatabaseEngine.exe if your Navicat and Office are 32-bit
    - Download AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe if your Navicat and Office are 64-bit


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      The DL worked. thanks!