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After upgrade data synchronization doesn't work

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  • After upgrade data synchronization doesn't work


    After the upgrade from 12.0.7 to 12.0.15, data synchronization doesn't work more. I tried the solution to download the file directly from the Navicat site, installed it on the previous installation (as an Administrator) and made a reboot of the system, but data synchronization still doesn't work. I also tried closing the firewall (to understand if this was the problem), but still doesn't work. When i make data synchronization an error window appears:

    MySQL 64-bit
    Unknown Internal Error (A70529120825SE).
    (c0000005, 1582e, C:\Program Files\PremiumSoft\Navicat 12 for MySQL\libmariadb.dll)

    I solved the problem reinstalling the old version (12.0.7). A fresh installation of version 12.0.15 (with reboot of the system after uninstallation of the previous setup) didn't solve the problem. I would like to understand if this is only a my problem or if someone else has the same problem.
    Thx, bye

    Navicat for MySQL 64-bit Non commercial edition
    Windows 10 pro 64-bit

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    just to understand, i connect to my remote MySQL server with HTTP tunnel (ntunnel_mysql.php). The ntunnel_mysql.php included with 12.0.15 version is different from that included in the 12.0.7 version? perhaps this could be the problem. i don't want to upload the new file before understanding if this can be the problem. If the two files are the same there is no reason to make a similar thing. thx


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      Hi AntonIt13,

      The reported should be unrelated to the HTTP Tunnel file update.

      I am sorry that we are unable to reproduce the reported problem. Would you please provide a testing environment (testing account to connect your servers) for us to reproduce the problem? You can send the information to our support center -

      We will get back to you by email.


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        Hi mayho
        before enabling you to connect to my server i wanted to see if a new version of Navicat could solve the problem. YES!! 12.0.16 works, data synchronization is perfect now. i hope you will enable in a future version the customization of the searched terms color, that yellow is really unconfortable and i use very much this function. Anyhow, i really appreciate the continuous upgrade of this nice and useful softfware. Thx for your help.