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Table Field Edition after a JOIN query

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  • LeKibbitz
    started a topic Table Field Edition after a JOIN query

    Table Field Edition after a JOIN query


    This was working then not after a release and corrected later on but seems not to be working anymore.

    A query like:

    SELECT s.*
    FROM `MyTable1` s
    INNER JOIN MyTable2 p on = s.mytable1_id
    where = 2

    Allowed us to edit fields one by one or the entire column of a result set.
    This is no longer possible and is very painful.

    Any advice or patch planned to be released ?

    Thank you in advance.


  • LeKibbitz
    Hi mayho,

    Sorry for my late answer.
    It was Navicat for MySQL (Windows) 12.0.26 & MySQL 5.5.
    The problem is solved with version 12.0.27.

    Thank you

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  • mayho
    Hi Thomas,

    Could you please provide us the following information? You can send the information to -

    1. Your Navicat version, e.g. Navicat for MySQL (Windows) 12.0.26
    2. Your server version, e.g. MySQL 5.5
    3. The structure of your tables. To dump the sql file, please right-click your table and choose Dump SQL File > Structure Only.

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