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Moving v. 11 license to new PC

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  • Moving v. 11 license to new PC

    I have the first 12 characters of our v. 11 license, but cannot locate the e-mail with the full license (I did find the payment receipt e-mail though). My computer is dying and I started to setup a new PC today and want to use 11 instead of 12 because of the differences in the way that 12 handles dates (I spent 4 hours today rewriting stored .sql queries for some stuff that needed to be done because of these differences). I just want to move my v. 11 license over and install v. 11. I'll even pay for a new one (My store cart shows a v 8 and 3x v. 12 licenses). Where can I find the full activation license or how can I get it resent, or downgrade a v. 12 to v11??

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    Please send your request to our support center -

    We will get back to you by email.