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Exporting query result re-runs the query before exporting

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  • Exporting query result re-runs the query before exporting

    Is it normal for the program to re-run a query before starting an export?

    For instance I have some queries that take a few minutes to finish, but they return a small number of rows. When I export the query results (to any format, including .txt) it takes a few minutes before the "processed:" counter even begins counting (basically it takes, right down to the second, the exact amount of time it takes for the query to finish). Then the counter immediately goes from 0 to all rows processed after that length of time has passed.

    Seeing as it takes just about the full length of time as it took for the query to run originally I am assuming that when you go to export it actually re-runs the query you've already run. Is there any way to change this behavior? (ie. having it temporarily save the result somewhere as that is what I imagine other programs do) For some of the longer duration queries I have it makes exporting results very tedious.

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    Could you please tell us which Navicat version you are using?

    e.g. Navicat for MySQL (Windows) 11.1.10


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      Navicat Premium (Windows) 11.1.10 (64-bit), using an Oracle database. Thanks


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        Thanks for the information. Currently, Navicat Windows version will re-run the query before exporting the result. Our development team will consider to improve this situation. I will contact you if any news.


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          Thank you for confirming the situation. I appreciate that it's being looked into but honestly I think this should be listed as a limitation in the product's details as no other program works this way (personally I would consider it a bug, not a feature limitation). I have some queries that take over an hour to finish. I've already had to switch products. I and I'm sure most others would not have bought Navicat if they knew that in order to export query results it has to run every single query twice (ie. twice the load on your database just because you're using Navicat).