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Slow table access in Oracle 12c vs 11g

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  • Slow table access in Oracle 12c vs 11g

    I have an odd issue. Opening a table in Navicat is painfully slow in 12c vs.11g. A table that opens in 4 seconds in 11g opens in about 30 seconds in 12c with Navicat. There's nothing in the alert log or the AWR to indicate that there's any kind of issue. And when running the sql query directly within pl/sql that Navicat uses when opening a table it's fine as well. Also, opening the same tables in Toad and SQL Developer is equally as fast.

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's driver related. Anyone else experience anything like this?

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    Hi wcunningham,

    Could you please provide us the following information for investigation? You can send them to our support center and we will reply you through email -

    1. Your Navicat version, e.g. Navicat for Oracle (Windows) 11.2.6
    2. The History Log or Query Log after opening the table in Oracle 12c. For Windows/Linux, choose Tools > History Log. For Mac, choose View > Query Log.
    3. Are the table structure and data the same in 12c and 11g?
    4. The table structure. Right-click the table and choose Dump SQL File > Structure Only.


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      Thanks, will do.