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Max length export query?

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  • Max length export query?

    Hello Navicat Community,

    I'm trying to export a lot of data from my Oracle database. I've got a query to do that, which has a lot of subqueries and joins and stuff like that. When I run this query in the query window everything works fine and I get 71.000 records in my result tab. Then I save this query and press the Export button to get these rows in a .csv file. I select the query again in the export wizard and tell the wizard where the .csv file should be saved. I check the last settings and then press the start button. Right away I get error ORA-00936: missing expression.

    Then I look through the error and I notice that my query is truncated. All the characters after char 4080 are just gone. My query is 4261 chars long. I tried removing all the spaces and newlines already (saved my like 200 chars) but I'm still not even close.

    Why is this happening? And how can I fix this, so I can export my stuff? I'm using Navicat for Oracle, Version 11.0.16. It is running on Windows 2008 R2. I'm connecting to an Oracle 10 server.

    Best regards, Cybertinus
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    Could you please provide the query sql?