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Support edit VIEW as TABLE for PostgreSQL

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  • Support edit VIEW as TABLE for PostgreSQL

    Navicat is support edit editable VIEW as TABLE for PostgreSQL? If not, when you plan to do?
    Last edited by Vladimir; 02-17-2017, 06:37 AM.

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    Hi Vladimir,

    Would you please provide us your Navicat version? e.g.

    Navicat for PostgreSQL (Windows) 11.2.15


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      Navicat for PostgreSQL (Windows) 11.2.14.
      And type numeric wrong display in Navicat. For example: Numeric(20, 0). Number 12345678901234567890 correct display in PgAdmin. In Navicat crash last digits.


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        I am sorry that Navicat does not allow editing data in PostgreSQL View. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.

        For the numeric wrong display issue, could you please provide us the following information? You can send the information to -

        1. The table sql with sample data. In Navicat, right-click the table and choose Dump SQL File > Structure And Data
        2. What do you mean by "crash last digits"? Please describe more.
        3. Screenshots showing the problem and detailed steps to reproduce it.


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          CREATE TABLE public."TestNumeric"
          id int NOT NULL,
          "value" numeric(20,0),
          CONSTRAINT "TestNumeric_pkey" PRIMARY KEY (id)

          Then open table in Navicat and input: id = 1, value = 12345678901234567890. After press enter value is crush. 1.23456789012346E19 is not correct. Type numeric(20,0) is equivalent integer type with 20 digits.


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            Please upgrade to version 11.2.16 to see if it can solve the reported problem. You can simply choose Help > Check For Updates in the menu bar.


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              Thanks! In version 11.2.16 numeric type work correct.