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Moving a table to another schema

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  • Moving a table to another schema

    Navicat Version 11.2.16 - premium
    Not Activated - My workstation cannot be connected to the internet. I do have a license key.

    If I open a table in design mode, there is no where to change the table's schema. If I drag and drop, the move option is grayed out. So how can I move a table from one schema to another? I get I can copy the table (structure and data) to the new schema then delete from the old one. That just seems a bit archaic for a 2017 GUI DBA Tool.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Just tried the copy/delete and it failed due to a FK. However, when I execute the alter table set schema command from within the console of Navicat, the table is moved and the FK to the table is updated with schema.tablename.

    I also created an test table with NO FKs and the move option was still grayed out.

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      Strange... when I try to drag and drop a trigger function, the move box is still grayed out but the options shown only correspond to copying a table. Structure only and Structure and data.


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        I am sorry that Navicat does not support to move tables, move/copy trigger functions. Currently, if you want to change the schema of a table, please copy & paste or drag and drop the table to the target schema. We will keep improving Navicat in future.


        • ldrlj1
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          Good Morning. Copy and paste is not a valid solution. You will not be able to drop the original table due to foreign keys. In my original post I stated that the drag and drop functionality does not work. If Navicat doesn't support "move", how come it shows as an option?

          I am quickly becoming frustrated at the lack of basic functionality within Navicat. Refactoring databases as requirements change or new data is introduced is a normal operation. The fact that Navicat does not support this is disappointing.

          While I appreciate your position as the primary support engineer, all too often your standard reply is either I'll pass this on to the developers or we will keep improving Navicat in the future. Is there an area where I can see what's included in the next release and when the tentative release date is? I am regretting my decision to support the purchase of Navicat.

        • mayho
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          Hi Russell,

          Thanks for your comment. I am very sorry about your bad experience. That option is for moving a table into a virtural group. If you are not dragging the table to a group, that option is disable. Your request is already in our development list. I will keep you posted if any updated news.

          I am sorry that we do not have any feature lists for the next release. Please feel free to sign up our newsletter to get the latest news and upcoming events - .

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        Hi Russell, you will need the offline activation file. Please send email to with your order number or license key for the offline activation file request.