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  • Console window - Was it tested

    These issues exist in both Navicat 11 and 12.
    • The console option does not work like a normal psql console.
      • Back slashes don’t work;
    • From console [superuser]: Executed alter user bob_user set search_path = path1, path2, public;
      • ALTER ROLE was displayed after enter was press
      • Logged into DB as bob_user and executed show search_path from query window and the search_path was not changed.
    • From query window and as super user executed the alter user command above. Those changes were seen only when executing show search_path from the query window. The problem is, show search_path returned path2, path1,public, not path1, path2, public.

    Other issues:
    - No way to remove snippets window from query window. I really don't need to know how to format a select, update or delete statement.
    - No ability to see or change a user’s search_path or any other user variable.
    Forced to use the limited console application
    - When editing a user role, there is about a five second delay on the field populating in the window. That is unacceptable.

    What were the bug fixes and enhancements done to Navicat 12. All I can see so far is the delay and the addition of a New Query button. Now I have two query buttons to choose from.

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    We're sorry to hear of the unpleasant experiences you have encountered. Please note that our Console does not support the backslash command options, it only support SQL statements at this moment.

    For the search_path issue, Navicat 12 requires completely new connection in order to reflect the changes you just made in another session, since Navicat 12 will maintain the connected sessions which will not able to reflect some changes currently made in other sessions. Therefore, after changing the path, please close the connection and all forms using such connection, and then reconnect again.

    For the search path order issue in query, it is caused by Navicat uses current schema as the first search path in the query form.

    For the snippets pane and variable suggestions, I have forwarded them to our development team.

    For the delay issue, our developement team will investigate on it.