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Access Violaton - Navicat 12 now

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  • Access Violaton - Navicat 12 now

    I am trying to export the SQL to create a table withing the Data Modeling tool.
    Steps to reproduce:
    File-->Export SQL-->Uncheck All views and tables except for one-->Click OK--> BOOM Access Violation

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    Could you please provide us the following information for investigation? You can send them to our support center - . We will get back to you by email.

    1. The model file.
    2. Which table did you try to export.


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      Good Morning mayho,
      Neither the name of the model file or the table I am trying to export matters.

      The last time I sent information to your support center, all I got was we cannot reproduce the error. Which is essentially the same as "Works for me".


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        Hi Idrlj1,

        Could you please help to check whether the table you exported contains any comment? e.g. table comment, field comment, check comment etc.

        If yes, would you please try to remove the comment to see if you can export it?


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          Hi Idrlj1,

          Please upgrade to the latest version to see if it can solve the reported problem. Choose Help > Check for Updates.