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Lots of little errors in 12 why do I want to upgrade ?

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  • Lots of little errors in 12 why do I want to upgrade ?

    First, i love the UI upgrade and i can finally have materialized views in a proper place. FINALLY queries can be saved and loaded in a sane fashion : But:

    1) Browsing any tables in a schema constantly throws '##################' is not a valid integer value. This message pops up once for every row in the table, and i have millions of rows. The primary key on these tables are 18 digit numbers, marked int8. The same data in other schemas randomly has this happen as well

    I must hard kill navicat to continue. Seems to only affect schemas with views ? This is not a problem at all in 11, and the values / tables are 100% Postgres compatible and legal

    2) browsing tables (Double click, 1000 record sample) displays an error that table 'X' does not have a primary key. This table, and every other one, 100% has a primary key. The user I am browsing with has full rights to these tables.

    So far issue 1 is a showstopper killing my daily work, and I havent even gotten further to test becuase if it

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    We are able to identify the problem and our development team is trying to fix it. We sincerely hope the next version will be published together with the bug-fixing. We will contact you if any news.


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      Navicat (Windows) version 12.0.7 has been released and fixed your reported problem. Please upgrade to this latest version, you can simply choose Help -> Check For Updates from the menu bar.


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        Confirmed this fixes my issue, but i am now seeing increased random crashes in the app when writing or running queries, or when importing or exporting results. Are there stability improvements coming or how can i submit these errors ?


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          Hi ercdvs,

          You can submit a ticket to our support center , and provide us
          - screenshots showing the problem and the error messages
          - steps to trigger the problem if possible