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Navicat crash when open a db

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  • Navicat crash when open a db

    I have Navicat lite 10.0.3 (non-commercial), when i open a db for the first time there's no problem but when i stand this db opened for 2/5 minutes (doing some query on some table) and i open a table in the same db, he crashed and i have to wait 1 minute to open the table again.
    Attached you can see a screenshot about the error when i waited for 1 minute

    I have this problem with every db connection and last navicat version. I was hoping it would work with new version but it still not.
    How can i solve it?

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    Hi Alessandro95,

    Please try to enable the Keepalive Interval setting in Navicat 12 and set to e.g. 30 in your connection, right-click your connection and choose Edit Connection > Advanced tab.

    If you still encounter the same problem after setting that option in Navicat 12, please provide us the following information. You can send the information to -

    1. Details steps to reproduce the problem.
    2. Screenshots showing the error messages in Navicat 12.


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      are you meaning about this? (attached)

      Now I enabled this option, how many seconds do i have to set?


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        Yes, please try to set the value to e.g. 30


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          I enable "KeepAlive" and it's works, thanks