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  • Azure SQL Server quesion

    I have a Azure SQL server database.....that I plan to manage using Navicat....and within my database I have an Account table...within this table I would like to have a field within my table that Auto-generates the table unique ID (similar to how MySQL auto generates a unique integer field).......I've tried to create this Field using SQL Server IDENTITY...this works in auto generating the unique id.....however when I go to update the table data (with the IDENTITY field as my primary ID)...using the Navicat import wizard....I'm not able to update the data?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    thank you

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    Please provide the following information:

    1. Your Navicat version. e.g. Navicat for SQL Server (Windows) 11.0.18
    2. The whole error message you have received.