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Exporting Query Results - List out of bounds (nn)

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  • Exporting Query Results - List out of bounds (nn)

    I've been using NaviCat 10 for two years. It is connected to a replicated, read-only SQL_Server database (2010, I think). My connections have not changed, and my computer is the same.

    I commonly build new queries (AdHoc reporting) and re-use old ones. usually, I am exporting the results to EXCEL for accounting.

    Starting yesterday, the fist one works. Every export after that exports half-ways then gives a whole series of "[Err] [Row212] [Exp] List index out of bounds (9)" The number usually stays the same, and may be (8), (9), (10), or (16). It then exports many more records than my query has (2722 instead of 188). Somewhere in the first row of the EXCEL results the error refers to, one of the fields looks like a date with a double-colon in the middle, regardless of datatype (like this text , City, which had "Homewood" in the table and I got "1/1/HOME ::"). It then reports "[Msg] [Exp] Finished - Unsuccessfully"

    Nothing has changed on my computer except an update to FireFox.

    Does anyone have any clue why this might be?

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    Please submit a ticket to us with providing the following information to investigate your issue:

    1.the query.
    2. the sql file of the tables which involves in building your provided query. You can right-click table and choose Dump SQL File.
    3.screenshots showing the complete error messages.
    4.Does the problem happen in other exports?

    Submit Support Ticket: