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Batch Job Automation - [ERR] File does not exist

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  • Batch Job Automation - [ERR] File does not exist

    We have a large number of batch jobs that run overnight automatically. These batch jobs contain a combination of one export profile, one import profile and then a couple of insert or update queries. Each morning I come into the office, I check the log for failures. Every morning I come in, there is at least a couple of batch jobs that do not finish successfully with the following error (example):

    [ERR] File 18 - Update - icd10.NoDec does not exist

    I know that the file does exist and when I come into work, I execute the batch job manually and it runs successfully. Any ideas why this might be happening? I need these jobs to run successfully so I do not have to worry about them and have to re-run them every time I come into the office. I have attached a snippet of the log file of an example batch job of when it ran overnight (failed) and the log of when I just ran it now manually (success).

    Let me know if you need any other details.

    Navicat Premium 12.1.16

    Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) - 12.0.2000.8
    Dec 19 2018 08:43:17
    Copyright (C) 2018 Microsoft Corporation

    Windows Server 2012 R2

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    Hi msandberg,

    We would like your assistance to identify the problem. Please provide the following information.

    1. The full path of that specific File 18 - Update - icd10.NoDec

    2. The Profiles Location path. To look for the path, please choose Tools > Options > Files Location.

    4. Is the Profiles Location path in a network mapped drive?

    5. The Settings Location path. To look for the path, please right-click your connection and choose Edit Connection > Advanced tab.

    6. Is the Settings Location path in a network mapped drive?

    7. Screenshots showing the General tab of your batch job in Navicat. (Right-click your batch job and select Design Batch Job)

    8. Please follow the steps below and provide us screenshots showing task schedule settings in Control Panel.
    i) Go to Control Panel and open Task Scheduler.
    ii) Select "Task Scheduler Library" on the left pane, and select the related task.
    iii) Right-click the task and choose "Properties".
    iv) Please provide us screenshots showing all tabs in the Properties window.

    You can send the information to - . We will get back to you by email.


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