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Remote HTTP Tunnel - Protocol mismatch - 107 HTTP response status: 403 forbidden

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  • Remote HTTP Tunnel - Protocol mismatch - 107 HTTP response status: 403 forbidden

    After upgrading to 11.0.20 I have not been able to get remote access to my DB. Local access works fine

    This may have coincided with a hosting server upgrade that may be blocking embedded SQL in PHP scripts. I will check there also.

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    Would you tell us which version were you using previosly before upgrading to Mac version 11.0.20? Would you provide us your connection information in Connection Properties?


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      The previous version would have been around 11.0

      The connection works fine. The error occurs whenever an SQL statement is passed back to the server, e.g. listing the tables, or even simple SQL statements in the Console.

      Hence, I believe the hosting server is now restricting posted SQL.

      Therefore, SSH access for SQLite would be desirable.

      A Connection Property of interest may be, that on previous versions, I have had to enable "Encode query as base64" for the connection to fully function with SQL queries.

      Here is the connection information:

      *General Information
      Connection Name: SCEC
      Database File: /home/clarsys/public_html/scec/data/scec.sqlite

      *Advanced Information
      Setting Save Path: /Users/garryclaridge/Library/Application Support/PremiumSoft CyberTech/Navicat for SQLite/navicatcloud/
      Auto connect: NO
      Encryped: NO
      Attached Database: NO

      *HTTP Information
      Use HTTP tunnel: YES
      Tunnel URL:
      User authentication: NO
      Encode query as base64: YES

      *Other Information
      Server Version:


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        Could you able to access your tunnel php file from web browser? You can copy and paste the URL onto the web broswer to test. If you can access it, show us the information displayed on that page.


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          Here it is: System Environment Test
          [SQLite2] PHP version >= 5.0.0 Yes
          [SQLite2] sqlite_open() available No
          [SQLite3] PHP version >= 5.3.0 Yes
          [SQLite3] SQLite3 class available Yes
          Server Test
          Database File:
          Connection Success!


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            In my initial post I stated "... may be blocking embedded SQL in PHP scripts."

            This should have been: "... may be blocking SQL posted to PHP scripts."