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Accessing a SQLite Database for the Second Time on a Macintosh

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  • Accessing a SQLite Database for the Second Time on a Macintosh

    Here is something I can work around, but it's somewhat frustrating. This happens with both NC Essentials for SQLite and NC Premium Essentials on the Mac.

    The sequence of events goes like this: I create an NC connection to a SQLite db. Things work fine. I close the connection. If the sqlite db is accessed by another program in any way, NC cannot open the connection to the db. It seems only able to open a SQLite db that has not been touched since the last time NC opened it.

    The workaround is that, before reopening the database, I edit the connection and navigate to the file. Typing in the path to the file doesn't work--I think you have to do enough so that NC thinks you have actually specified a different file. And, if when you navigate to the file and it opens the directory the file contains, you have to navigate away from that directory and back to it. This is somewhat frustrating because usually I'm working with a db that is located deep within the structure of an iOS simulator.

    I love the tool and would not give it up. If this little irritation were removed, I would love it even more.

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    The reported situation should be the limitation of the App Store version. We will try to improve it in future.