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    Hi! i'm trying this Navicat Premium and i like to know if that possible schedule dumps (on mysql databases) to run on automatic process, saving those dumps (".sql" files) on a specific folder in the same computer who have tha navicat installed...

    If yes, the next question is how?

    I know mysqldump.exe but i like to know if is that possible directly on Navicat...

    Someone can answer me?

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    You can use the Data Transfer feature to export as a SQL file, and set this process to run automatically at pre-defined time. To do this, please follow steps below:

    1. go to menu item Tools > Data Transfer. Select File option under the Target area. Name and locate the SQL file.
    2. Click Save instead of running it directly. A Data Transfer profile is created.
    3. In Navicat, click Schedule > New Batch Job.
    4. Click Navicat icon on the left hand side connection tree, select the saved Data Transfer profile to add to selected jobs area.
    5. Save the batch job and click Set Task Schedule to set time to run.

    Please aware that passwords must be saved in Connection Properties and Windows Scheduler before schedule working properly.


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      Thanks and sorry for my delay!
      This data transfer, let's just imagine i have db1 and db2.

      I set this data transfer today for tranfer for DB1 to DB2 and i check all tables.

      Tomorrow i add one new table in DB1 i need to re-do this configures?

      How can i do to not need to re-do this configures? I need to transfer all DB1 to DB2... Tables, new tables, datas, etc etc etc...


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        Please make sure the checkbox is locked in the Source section before you save the data transfer profile.

        The checkbox with lock means all the database objects (e.g. tables) being transferred to the target database/schema, all newly added database objects will also be transferred without amending the data transfer profile.

        Click image for larger version

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          Do you know if exists one date to launch this upgrade that will turn possible the schedule of structure sync?

          Datatransfer is very slow... DataSync is the best... But without Structure Sync i have a problem... Because i have some tables created dynamically...



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            I am sorry that we do not have plans for supporting schedule of structure synchronization at this moment. However, we will contact if any progress is made.