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  • Updater Not Working

    I have attached a screen shot of an error that I receive whenever I first open Navicat. I'm assuming that this is because it is looking for the updater in that mapped network drive but it's not there. I don't want Navicat doing anything in that mapped network drive. I want to have everything locally on my desktop. How can I resolve this to where Navicat doesn't look to the network drive for the updater?

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    Please try tp disable the auto update feature. In Navicat, choose Tools > Options. Select "Activation & Updater" and disable "Check for updates on startup".


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      I'm unable to update Navicat now through the updater. I'm still getting the error above in the screen shot as part of a previous post. The option to "Check for updates on startup" has been disabled. No dice.


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        Please try the following steps to see if it can solve the problem:

        1. Go to your user's Documents -> Navicat -> Navicat version folder (e.g. if you are using Navicat Premium, the path should be: C:\Users\your_user_name\Documents\Navicat\Premium)

        2. Delete the folder "Updater", " navicat_xxxxxx_update" and the "" file. (Delete all files and folders, just "logs" and "profiles" folders left.)

        If you still encounter the same problem, please provide us the installation path of Navicat,


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          So the error doesn't show up anymore but I'm still not able to update. I'm still on 11.1.13.


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            Please try to download the installer manually -


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              So I was able to pin down what was going on. At work we had a server set up in the past where every user had their "My Documents" folder mapped to. When Navicat was originally installed it created a folder called "Navicat" in the my documents folder which was mapped to one of our servers. When I had moved things around to try and have it come off of our server years ago I failed miserably apparently just causing more trouble because Navicat continued to look for the updater on the My Documents folder mapped to the server that was no longer there. Damage was done all of the uninstall and reinstalls in the world didn't fix it. We have now discontinued use completely use of the server for mapping the My Documents folder.

              So the steps I took to resolve this are:
              1) Uninstall my old version of Navicat
              2) Relocate the My Documents folder from our server to the local drive
              3) Delete the Navicat folder located in My Documents
              4) Restart the computer
              5) Download and run the installer from the link in the previous post above
              6) Reinstall the latest version of Navicat

              Navicat now runs without any updater errors.