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  • Access Violation

    I inadvertently originally posted this in the wrong forum. It should be here and not in General Discussion. I cannot delete the other posting.

    Recently I've started getting access violation at address 00000000005103E0 in module 'navicat.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000008.

    What else do is needed to help debug this Error?

    Windows 7
    Navicat 11.2.16 (64-bit)


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    Could you please provide us the following information for investigation? Please send the information to our support center, we will get back to you by email -

    1. Did you upgrade your Windows recently?
    2. Did you upgrade your server or Navicat recently? If yes, please tell us the version number.
    3. Does the problem also happen in other computers?
    4. Which features you are using when the error messages occurred? Could you please provide us steps with screenshots to show the problem for further investigation?
    5. Does the problem happen on specific connection and database only? Or it happens on all of your connections and databases?