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Navicat 12 (probably 11 too)-- DO NOT USE

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  • Navicat 12 (probably 11 too)-- DO NOT USE

    While building tables, data models, modifying users... and dealing with all of the shortcomings, Navicat 12 just stopped working. I couldn't save anything and I couldn't close any windows. The only way I could close Navicrap was to shut it down via Windows Task Manager.

    I lost over two hours of work. I am not very happy with Navicat 12 or 11 for that matter.

    I will be sure to steer other Database Engineers far away from this product. It is unstable.

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    I am very sorry about your bad experience. Would you please provide us detail steps to reproduce the problem and screenshots showing the issue?


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      Detailed steps are already outlined in my post. I was building tables (design table was open), data models (data modeling tool open) and modifying users (edit role open). Um... You replied four days after my post, and I apologize for the smart a%% reply, but why would I keep a non-responsive application up and "running" for four days? I had to kill the application and relaunch Navicat 11, not 12, so I could get work done.


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        Please accept my apologies. If you find any specific steps that can reproduce the problem, please let us know. We will try our best to fix it.