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Navicat Premium 12 for Mac Crashes, particularly when writing queries

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  • Navicat Premium 12 for Mac Crashes, particularly when writing queries

    I used Navicat Premium 11 for Mac, and the Beta for 12, without issues.

    I'm primarily working with MS SQL Server 2014 databases (Express and Web Editions).

    I've upgraded to 12, and am now experiencing a number of crashes. The most frustrating is when I try to write queries.

    If I open a database and write click to select "New Query..." it crashes every time. It's basically rendered Navicat useless. Very frustrating.

    I can send the crash report to a Navicat Developer, if that helps. It literally happens every time.

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    Could you please provide us the crash report for investigation? You can send the information to our support center - . We will get back to you by email.


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      Thanks! I've submitted the crash report.


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        Thanks a lot. We will reply you by email.


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          Sorry to keep complaining, but for what it's worth, this still isn't fixed. I submitted a ticket, sent in the error logs, and I've updated with each release. I'm on 12.0.9 now, on Mac. Queries are still unusable. It's basically driving me away from Navicat, and I'm regretting that I upgraded. It crashes every time I try to do anything with queries. Just wanted to keep this post updated.


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            Thanks mjclemente, our development team is still investigating on the reported issue. I will contact you if there is any news.