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Query results layout in Navicat 12

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  • Query results layout in Navicat 12

    In previous versions of Navicat the query results were displayed below the query entry area. This was very useful, as you could enter a query, run it, see the results and then keep typing to change the query without having to click anywhere. It also put the results on display at the same time as the query.

    In the new version the query is in an entry tab and the results are in a different tab. After running the query the focus switches to the results, so to continue ending the query I have to click back to the entry tab, and if I want to use some element of the result in my query I have to click back and forth since it's not all on-screen at the same time.

    Is this layout adjustable in some way? It would be great if the tabs could be tear-away or if they could be arranged to align top and bottom, left and right, etc. The current layout is so frustrating relative to my regular workflow that I don't think v12 is going to work for me.

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    Please choose View > Results > Show Under Editor.


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      Perfect! Thank you!