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  • Structure Synchronization - Stored Code

    We have been using Navicat for about a year to manage a number of development database, and to push changes to the schemas into different releases. It has worked GREAT, we have really enjoyed using it. Over the last month, it seems like we have been having problems with our stored code (procedures and functions) making it into our production systems (after running a structure synchronization). It seems as though the "Structure Synchronization" process (under the tools menu) identifies that changes have been made to the stored code, and it checks the box under the object names as either needing to be created or updated.
    HOWEVER, when clicking on the deployment button to generate the scripts, all of the table and index scripts are created, but the tool will no longer generate any code for the stored procedures. The system has been rebuilding the code flawlessly for us until sometime in the last month.

    This is a repeatable process, I can delete a procedure from a previously synchronized schema, and it will list the procedure as needing to be created, but it will not generate the script to do so.

    I am running Navicat Premium version 12.0.20 (64 bit premium) on a Windows 10 Surface laptop. This has been working great, it just recently stopped.

    Is anyone else having problems with this?

    Thank you so much for any insight into this!!

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    Hi mreeves,

    Our development team is investigating the reported problem. I will contact you after investigation.


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      Hi mreeves,

      I am glad to tell you that Navicat Premium (Windows) version 12.0.21 has been released and fixed your reported problem. To upgrade to this latest version, you can simply choose Help -> Check for Updates from the menu bar.