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Can't connect to old MySQL server with 12.0.23??

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  • Can't connect to old MySQL server with 12.0.23??

    Why can't I connect to an older MySQL 5.1.46 server running on Linux from Windows navicat Premium 12.0.23?? It worked (and still does) fine with Navicat V11.

    I see this support page and its useless:

    Same navicat premium 12.0.23 can connect to a newer MySQL server fine. But when trying to connect the 5.1.46 server it just sits there frozen when I Test Connection. And when I close navicat its still running in the background frozen, constantly trying to connect.

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    Please provide us the following information for investigation. You can send the information to our support center -

    1. Screenshots showing the connection settings (General, Advanced, SSL, SSH and HTTP tabs) in version 12 and version 11. To open the connection window, right-click your connection and choose Edit Connection.
    2. Screenshots showing all error messages you received.
    3. Are version 12 and version 11 installed in the same computer?


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      its working better now. just SSH that doesn't work in V12 again my old MySQL server for some reason. good enough.