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12.0.25 wiped out custom folders (i.e. Groups)

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  • 12.0.25 wiped out custom folders (i.e. Groups)

    Installed it and the groups were gone! What kind of flaky programming is this?

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    Hi Peter,

    We would like your assistance to identify the problem. Could you please provide the following information? You can send the information to our Support Center at -

    1. Which version did you upgraded from? e.g. from 12.0.24
    2. What types of your groups are? e.g. connection, table, view, query, etc
    3. Are the groups stored in Navicat Cloud or in local?
    4. The local grouping information is in the vgroup.json file which is stored under "profiles" folder. To look for the path, select Tools > Options, under File Locations > Profiles Location. Please check if this file is overwritten.