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Socket timeout setting in v12.1.8?

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  • Socket timeout setting in v12.1.8?

    I keep getting a MySQL "Lost connection to DB" error when executing a dumpfile (Data Transfer) that uses the "Use extended insert statements" option. I believe I may need to increase the socket timeout for Navicat. Only problem is, I don't see any place where that setting is available. Am I missing something?
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    Please try to increase the 'max_allowed_packet' and 'wait_timeout' values for your server. You can do so by following the steps -

    In menu, choose Tools > Server Monitor
    1) check the box for the server
    2) click the tab "Variables"
    3) scroll down and find the variable 'max_allowed_packet' and 'wait_timeout'
    4) click the "..." button
    5) enter a larger value as variable value and press OK
    6) click "Refresh" to take effect

    Try to execute the file again to see if it resolves the problem.

    For more information, please refer to MySQL online manual -