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Add support for Firebird/Interbase database

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  • Add support for Firebird/Interbase database

    I have used (and love) your product for a while now, but one thing that becomes more and more painful is the lack of Firebird DB integration! I have had to install separate db tools and data modelers just for working with my Firebird DBs.

    Being that Firebird is fairly common (at least in my experience) it seems like a good db integration to include in the Navicat arsenal. Currently, the software company I work for uses Firebird as the primary db in their product, so I have no choice but to use other products. I would prefer to stick with NaviCat for working with all of my databases; PLEASE add Firebird/Interbase database integration.

    Thank you,
    Dustin T Waling

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    Your request is already in our development list. However, we are very sorry that we could not provide any time frame at this moment.


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      Just FYI, I'm waiting for this feature before I could buy your product, as well.


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        Dear Navicat Team!

        Is there any news from this development? I would like to buy this product, but I dont want to get an other tool which cannot connect every type of database which we have at my company.

        Best Regards,
        Ádám Liszkai


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          Hi Ádám Liszkai,

          I am sorry that we have no solid plan on supporting Firebird/Interbase database yet. However, for sure we will contact you if there is any progress made.