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Problems with "Execute SQL script"

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  • Problems with "Execute SQL script"


    I am using Navicat Premium Essentials on OS X. If I connect to some PostgreSQL server and try to start an SQL script (menu option "Execute SQL File...") everything works fine except:

    1) The script would never execute properly if it is over 8KB in size. This is very critical problem because PostgreSQL itself does not set any limitations on a size of SQL script.
    2) The window "Execute SQL file" is not resizable. This is very inconvenient because you should scroll the output every time you start/restart the script.

    Please, fix these bugs as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Would you describe more the situation you encountered, e.g. any error message prompt the execute process finish unsuccessfully? Would you provide us the sample SQL file and any error message received to investigate your issue? You can provide us those information by submitting a ticket, besides posting your file in here.

    Submit Support Ticket:

    Your request for resize Execute SQL File window has been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving our Navicat in the future.