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  • Data Transfer default setting

    Hi folks,

    I'm using the Navicat Premium 11.1.8(64-bit) on Windows Server 2012.When I use the Data Transfer tool,I can create a profile which I can use it for scheduling transfers,but I also wondered if
    there's a way that you could set up a default table list when using the Data Transfer so you could use for future transfers,and you won't need to check the tables in your list everytime(which can be really tiresome when you have many schemas that you want to perform the transfers on them)

    Thanks for your time

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    When you save the settings in the Data Transfer tool as a profile for using in the schedule/batch job feature, the saved profile allows to reuse. You can open the Data Transfer tool and go to the Profiles tab, select your saved profile and click Load. Then you can open it again to edit or use.


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      Oh,you're right! But the problem rises when you have a profile and only the table list is constant(Yup,I only want those tables to be transferred) and the connection and database names are variable.I mean if you only want to your table list to be reused,when you try to change the connection and database names the table list will be reset and in other words your setting is totally changed.I hope I could've said it right so you can understand my problem


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        We are sorry that Navicat does not support your mentioned feature. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving our Navicat in the future.


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          Thanks man! I'm eagerly looking forward to having it in the upcoming versions