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  • Allow to select saving query locationl

    I really do not understand the idea behind saving queries on the 'per database' basis. Working on larger projects I am typical using 3 databases - local development database on my notebook or on a local server, testing and production database on customer site. Because Navicat saves the sql script files in a database folder (Setting Location), it is currently not so easy to use one script source against all 3 databases. The maintenance of script source code changes is terrible, using of version control system almost impossible. This is the reason why we stopped using Navicat on real enterprise projects.

    Much better is to save database scripts on 'per project' basis. What about to share a folder between multiple databases allowing to reuse the code. Pointing 'Settings Location' to the same folder is not a solution because typical the databases do not use same name and/or schema.

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    I am sorry to hear of the unpleasant experience you have encountered. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving our Navicat in the future. Thank you for your advice.